About Pint Sized Parks

I live in Victoria, British Columbia, one of the most picturesque places you will find anywhere!

We are blessed here on the West Coast, with a temperate rainforest climate with temperatures that seldom dip below freezing - not only a gardener's dream, but also making for some spectacular natural settings.

Victoria is known as the City of gardens, and as I was pondering the huge variety of greenspace we have here, it occurred to me there are many smaller parks that are undiscovered gems right in our backyard.  I'll be focussing on parks that are about 6 hectares or less - an area one can comfortably traverse and have time to noodle around in within an hour or less.

I'll be visiting these smaller parks every week or so, and sharing some of the high points of these pockets of green with you!  Its a great way to get out in nature, without having to wander far from home.

All photos on pintsizedparks.blogspot.com have been taken by me.
© 2017 Janice Mansfield